Values and concepts we guide by

P - Performance. We are a team having lots of go, dynamic and motivated to accomplish our projects at the highest standards.
A - Ambition. We always mobilize our efforts in order to have good results and we like to surpass ourselves. Once we get into the top with our products we struggle to maintain our position.
N - Novelty. We consider ourselves creative, opened to innovation; we like to work in team, so to find the best solutions.
G - Generosity and social responsibility. We get involved in social campaigns with the aim of helping the people with special needs but we also care about environment.
R - Respect. We respect our consumers and their needs and we take action in consequence.
O - Honesty. Our actions are characterized by integrity and ethics.
U - Unity. We are a team and we correlate our activities so that our company may have both a complex image and people appreciation.
P- Partnership. Our fair-play spirit and our mutual confidence help us to maintain of long standing relations with our partners.